Mujeres Mural

Artist: DeportedArtist, Javier Salazar

Claudia Ramirez

Daughter of Javier Ramirez, a Vietnam-era U.S. military deported veteran

Nora Rodarte

Daughter of Francisco Panky Rodarte, US Army and Vietnam Deported Veteran that Passed Away

Lola Martinez

Farmworker; Mother of Deported Vet Albert Martinez, US Army

Martha Segovia

Mother of Jose Segovia, USMC Deported Vet

Fran and Daughter & Genifer Peña

Marcelino USMC Deported Veteran wife and daughters

Veronica Castro

Wife of US disabled veteran and child with disability.

Lupita Cibrian

US citizen. Hector Lopez partner US deported veteran. High school sweethearts

Irene C Moran

Mother of immigrant veteran in deportation process

Laura Meza

US Deported Veteran who was separated from her daughter and grandchildren. She is fighting to come home.

Cecilia Garcia

(Separated from Husband; Advocate). Family reunification. Strong player in Miguel’s (Deported vet) return

Blanca Viramontes

Her partner, Robert Vivar, is a strong advocate in Playas de Tijuana fro deported vets, asylum seekers, and in general immigrants. Blanca has also done a lot of advocacy in this same light. Her son is also in the military

Antonia Paloma Express

Store Owner of Paloma Express. She is also an immigrant.

Ana Reyes 

from El Salvador sister of Deported person, Passed from COVID.

Patricia Guatemala

Owner of GuateExpress. She helps families stay connected through delivery of boxes.

Margarita Ventura

She is the mother of Maggie Laredo, and amazing Advocate for Otros Dreams en Accion and Pocha House in CDMX.

Gloria (LA área)

Founder of Quiero Mi Green Card Coalition.

Rocio Rebollar Gomez

Mother of Active Duty Service Member. She was deported and separated from her family, children, and grandchildren. She got into advocacy and was recently able to be reunified with her family.

Maria Delgado

ICE Raid at her place of work. Then she fought and received VAWA. She is now an advocate that has been advocating in education fight and getting undocu folks in Oregon Driver’s Lic.