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Mural 1 QR codes

22 QR codes with instructions on how to scan the codes.


Mural 2 QR codes

23 QR codes with instructions on how to scan the code


Mural 1 and 2 QR codes

Compilation of 55 QR codes and instructions on how to scan the codes.


Mural Installation Field Guide

Step-by-step suggestions on mural installation, securing a wall, and actions.


Coalition Information Packet

Information packet for coalition members and prospective allies.


Coalition Transmittal Letter

Adapt a letter for your Congress and Senate representative


Virtual Phone Banking

Deported Military Veterans Packet

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The coalition urges elected officials, Congress, and the Biden-Harris administration to take a series of policy steps to protect immigrants by:

Passing an Executive Action or a series of actions as outlined by Senator Tammy Duckworth to begin the process of repatriating deported veterans.

- Implementing the New Way Forward Act into law as reintroduced by Representative Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

- Taking concrete steps to end family separation and support family reunification.

Bring a mural to your city!

Steps to Consider

*Order may fluctuate depending on accessibility and resources

1. Secure a Wall

- We recommend searching for a wall that can fit a 90 x 70 in mural.
- Search for a wall that has an even surface. Ideally with no windows and other objects coming out from it.
-Ideally, the wall should be accessible to the public to walk up to and easy to reach in order to allow for the scanning of the QR codes.
-Check with your local city office if there are any restrictions on placing a mural in certain areas. Usually this is not the case but we do suggest double checking.
-One way is to ask your local city representatives to support your search for a wall. Usually, local representatives are well connected and may be able to guide you to local community members who can aid in this process.
-Another way is to ask local businesses if they would be interested in hosting the mural. Let them know that the mural locations will be shared online through the projects social media and archive, CLICK HERE.


- Communicate that the mural will be printed and not painted in person.
- The mural will be printed on vinyl. It will then be glued to the wall with Nova Super Glue.The quality of this glue allows for the mural to be permanent and remain placed for more than a year. For locations outside the U.S. we recommend a wall adhesive glue.
- This method allows organizers to work safely during the pandemic and to minimize gatherings.

2. Print Mural(s)

You can have access to the mural(s) in the following ways,
1) Sponsor a mural for your city
2) Contact the Leave No One Behind coalition organizers to receive a mural(s)
For both #1 and #2, get in contact with organizers to have the murals shipped to you. Please provide the address of a contact person who will be responsible for receiving the mural and installation glue.
Note: you will receive two printed pieces which together make one single mural print.

3) Print mural by downloading the image from our archive. You can print the mural in any size you desire. If you will be printing locally, we suggest to print on vinyl as the quality allows for the mural to last longer than regular poster paper. If you chose to print on poster paper, we suggest to use wheat-paste as this process is not long-lasting nor permanent. You can purchase wheat-paste adhesive or create it at home. We recommend you check platforms such as YouTube or Google to make your own wheat-paste.

3. Print QR Codes


- You can download the Quick Response (QR Codes) PDF file that links to the stories of community storytellers on our website, under ‘materials’
-The QR codes indicate the name of the storyteller.
- In the website, organizers can also find a blueprint of the mural indicating the names of participants to facilitate the placement of the QR codes.
- We recommend printing the QR codes on sticker paper. Otherwise, we advise using the Nova Glue to place these on the mural.
- We advise cutting the QR codes along the outer black square to keep the QR code intact and to include the storyteller's name.
- As QR codes can often be damaged, this method allows for easy replacement. If replacement is needed after the first installation, organizers can reprint these in regular/poster/sticker paper.
- In the QR code PDF file you can also find the instructions to scan QR codes that can be placed near the mural for visitors who may need support.

4. Gather installation materials

Item checklist:

- Wall
- Mural 
- QR codes
- Disposable brushes
- Nova Super Glue/Adhesive wall glue/ Wheat-paste (depending on your installation plan)
- 4 volunteers, at minimum
- Ladder(s)
- A/some paint roller(s) or smoothing tool to get rid of bubbles
- A marker or pen to mark installation points
- Measuring Tape 
- Cellphone/camera to document the installation process

5. Secure 4 volunteers, at most, for installation

We are currently facing a global pandemic and as part of our mission we aim to keep all participants safe at all times.

We suggest to keep the number of volunteers at 4-6 people at most to minimize in person interactions.

Please wear a face mask on at all times. Practice social distance as best as possible. Wash your hands.

6. Organize an action in your city

Get in contact with your local immigrant justice advocacy groups and invite them to support an action in your city.

Some suggestions include hosting: 
- virtual events (Invited guest speakers with participants from the mural and/or coalition) -phone banking (Directed at Congressional representatives to support the New Way Forward Act)
- a vigil
- a cultural event
- a poetry slam
- outdoor movie night to play the stories of community storytellers

For talking points consider the following tool kits:

New Way Forward Tool Kit 
Tell Joe Kit

Please check back for any additional documents uploaded to our website. 

7. Document your process and tag us on social media

As visibility is crucial to uplift the project's mission and stories from our community storytellers, we ask organizers to document the installation process with the public.

Please tag us on our social media and use the following hashtags:

Installation Tips

If using Nova Super Glue we suggest adding a thin and generous coat on the back surface of the mural print and not the front side of the image.

Please be aware to keep the glue from your hair. If it does fall on your hair use water to wash it off as soon as possible.

We advise you to use clothing that can be damaged, in case you get glue on your clothes.

Please discard of any items if no longer needed. We highly ask to keep work are clean after installation is complete.

You should have remaining glue left after the installation. Place the bucket in a secure place and available for future mural restoration.

We advise to use safety precautions when using ladders when installing.

Coalition Members

The Leave No One Behind Mural Project is represented by a growing coalition:

Unified U.S. Deported Veterans Resource Center; Repatriate Our Patriots; New Way Forward; Green Card Veterans; Veterans for Peace; Deported Veteran Support House-Juarez Bunker; Otros Dreams en Acción; Immigrant Justice Network; Humanizing Deportation; Deportados Unidos en la Lucha; DREAM Will Childhood Arrivals; Unified U.S Deported Veterans Resource Center; Sgt Barrios Memorial Chapter #182; AmeriMex Dreams en Acción; Border Line Crisis Center; Meta Peace Team Detroit Michigan; USD Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies; Friends of Friendship Park; Via Internacional Cafe; Playas de Tijuana Mural Project; Reclaim the Dream; Border Network for Human Rights; Comunidades En Acción Y De Fé; Desolate Zine.