Thank you,
your contribution matters

Contributions made are gathered to bring awareness to our military veterans who have been deported after their service to the nation. Veterans For Peace is helping to create street art projects in at least 12 communities. Each mural will cost approximately $300, so any donation will help make an impact.

Veterans For Peace seeks to promote peace and end war as an instrument of national policy by using our collective voice of experience to educate the public about the true causes, costs, and consequences of war and militarism.

Our Deported Veterans Advocacy Project is the front line of interception of our U.S. Military Deported Veterans, in assisting them to integrate into the community as productive residents while exploring all legal options to return legally to the USA.


If you seek to bring a mural to your city please email the [email protected] with the following information

1. contact name 
2. donation confirmation 
3. preferred mural
4. shipping address 

Thank you!